Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program


SNAP, once called the Food Stamp program, provides benefits to qualified households through electronic cards that enable them to buy nutritious food at over 200,000 retailers nationwide and, now during COVID 19, with many online stores as well.

Less than half of all seniors who qualify for SNAP are enrolled in the program, making low-income seniors especially vulnerable to hunger. Unfortunately many seniors in our area are faced with the challenges associated making difficult decisions such as paying for medicine or buying groceries. 

Food insecurity sufferers are also three times more likely to suffer from depression, are at increased likelihood for falls due to poor bone density and loss of muscle mass, and are at increased risk for chronic disease. 

SNAP reduces food insecurity by 30% and provides an average single household benefit of $105. 

With assistance from trained professionals, seniors will receive maximum benefit and cost savings. 

To make an appointment with an enrollment specialist, call the Council on Aging of Buncombe County at (828) 277-8288.  While COVID-19 remains active at high levels in our community, we will be closed to the public for walk-ins, but may assist you over the phone. 

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