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Call-A-Ride (CAR) provides volunteer transportation to seniors who can no longer drive themselves and who cannot access public transportation.  Eligible seniors may be transported to pick up durable medical equipment, doctor’s visits, grocery stores, hair care, etc.

CAR Guidelines

  • There is no guarantee that a volunteer will be available to provide a ride.
  • The program is available for Buncombe Co residents, age 60+.
  • CAR is a transportation service only and volunteers cannot assist with errands or appointments.
  • Ride requests should be called in at least 1 week in advance. (828) 277-8288.
  • Volunteers sign up to provide the ride and call the client 24 hours in advance of an appointment to confirm the pickup time and that the client is still attending.
  • No requests for rides outside of Buncombe Co. will be accepted.
  • Requests for specific drivers or vehicles will not be accepted.
  • Volunteers are prohibited from giving or accepting any type of gifts or tips. Donations to the program may be made to COAbc.
  • Volunteers are only approved to provide transportation. 
  • Volunteers cannot assist with personal care, transferring (into/out of bed, wheelchair, vehicle), medication, finances, legal matters, home care, home improvement, etc.
  • Rides are limited to no more than 3 destinations per request, and all must be scheduled at the time of your initial request.
  • Shopping trips of any nature, including groceries, are limited to 60 minutes.
  • For the safety of volunteers and clients, COAbc volunteers must not drive during inclement weather. If Buncombe Co. Schools are closed or delayed, then volunteers are not permitted to drive clients.  You can access cancellation schedules at
  • Seatbelts must be properly worn at all times unless there is a record of a physician-verified medical condition that would preclude the use of a seatbelt on file with COAbc.
  • Medicaid Transportation (NEMT) must be the primary provider; those qualifying for Medicaid transportation may supplement that service with up to 6 transportation requests per month.  Medical trips must be ineligible for Medicaid Transportation due to billing and not due to distance or failure to meet the scheduling time frame.
  • If you are not eligible for Medicaid, CAR can provide you with a maximum of 8 requests per month.
  • Participants must sign-up with Mountain Mobility as part of the enrollment process.
  • Questions, concerns, and comments about CAR should be directed to the assigned Service Coordinator.

Community Transportation Resources

CAR Volunteers

Provide transportation via your vehicle. Sign up for rides that fit your schedule.

Please call to learn more (828) 277-8288.

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