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  • Pet Therapy Spotlight
    When Mary Ann Sharp speaks, you can tell she grew up somewhere outside of Western North Carolina. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she held onto the rich accent of her childhood, before her family moved to Florida when she was thirteen. Mary Ann lived most of her life in Florida and moved to the Vanderbilt Apartments in…
  • Stop! I Don’t Want Your Discount.
    A Medicare beneficiary brought this situation to our attention recently and with this person’s permission, we want to make everyone aware.
  • Food Assistance is for anyone who needs it
    Gerald Bailey, a new resident at Battery Park Apartments in downtown Asheville recently found himself in need of food assistance and asked the Council on Aging of Buncombe County for help.  Gerald has always taken great pride in being self-sufficient but a recent housing change and the COVID pandemic prompted him to seek the assistance….
  • Elder Abuse: You Can Help and Here’s How
    June 15th marks World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. This day was designated by the United Nations to encourage the people of the world to voice their objections to the abuse of older adults and insist that it comes to an end. The Council on Aging of Buncombe County hopes that World Elder Abuse Awareness Day…
  • Independent, Strong, and 94 Years Young
    Nina Christian knows what it means to be a strong, independent woman. Self-assured and resilient, she’s lived a full and rewarding life and spent the past 25+ years as a resident of Battery Park Apartments in downtown Asheville. Nina is active, engaged and committed to living the “best life possible” and she knows what it’s…
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