Client Testimonials


"The move from Florida to North Carolina was very, very stressful. I couldn’t find a place to rent with my Section 8 certificate in Haywood county even though I applied and called many rental properties. I also had application in Asheville but no luck until property management from Vanderbilt Senior Apartments called me and said there was an opening. I was very happy to get that call and move into my own place.

The change from one county to the other wasn’t easy for me until I met Grace. She met me with a wonderful welcome bag which made me happy but that was only the beginning of a great relationship. She is the Services Coordinator which means she helps you when you can’t handle it yourself.

I needed a lot of help and she was willing and very able to solve the problems and also be a friendly smile every day. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

A million thank yous isn’t enough!"


- Mary Ann Sharp

"Earth angel – focused and firm – fun and forthcoming-


She (Grace) spent six hours over three days uplifting my spirits (at being embarrassed by my need of her time). Buzzing around the lobby searching for a signal on my phone while using her own on speaker at the same time while I shouted out her office door what the phone person said. Talk about patient and determined; Grace Collins is inspiring. She’s a terrific listener and bearer of hope – like the light in the lobby that is her office door. I want her to stay but wish her the best."

- S. Lee Tracer

​Mr. Moss did a wonderful job. I feel so much safer with the grab bars. Thank you so much."

-Ann Williams


"The Lakeview Center for Active Aging Meal Site had a young man named Ricky Robinson. Ricky was not old enough to attend the meal site but was allowed to volunteer and eventually able to eat lunch. Everyone loved Ricky because of his kind, loving heart & spirit. After years attending the meal site, Ricky became ill and passed away. Ricky was loved so much in honor of him a tree was planted on the grounds of our meal site. Whenever the tree blooms you can find people standing around the tree sharing memories about Ricky. GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN. "

- Anonymous 


"SHIIP (Seniors Health Insurance Information Program) is a wonderful informative session designed to address the overwhelming questions facing registering for Medicare and plans to choose. John was clear, succinct, engaging, and informed. When I had a personal issue to resolve, he was available, kind, respectful, and guided me through to a satisfactory conclusion. I am so grateful for the services and assistance of Council on Aging." 

                                                                                                                          - Callan Hinman

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