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The Benefits Enrollment Specialist meets individuals over the phone, one-on-one by appointment, and continues to assist with eligibility, applications and follow-up.  In order to make an appointment for an initial assessment and screening, please call 828-277-8288 ext. 1314 or email Vance Goodman at vanceg@coabc.org.

Benefits Screening and Enrollment

Meet with a Benefits Enrollment Specialist for a consultation at no cost.

Items to Bring to Your Appointment:

  • Proof of identity (for example: driver’s license, passport, Social Security card)
  • Proof of NC residence (for example: utility bills, lease agreement, voter registration card)
  • Birth certificate or other proof of citizenship/alien status
  • Employment and income information (for example: paystubs, W-2 forms, wage and tax statements)
  • Current financial statements from other sources of family income, such as social security, retirement benefits or pensions, veterans benefits, SSI, child support, or other sources
  • Most recent financial statements from financial institutions (such as bank statements)
  • Your Social Security card
  • Your Medicare card
  • Copies of all medical and life insurance policies
  • List of all cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc. that you or anyone in your household own, including the year, make, and model for each item
  • A list of all the real property you own
  • For applicants who are not U.S. citizens, proof of residency status
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