Benefits Enrollment Center

The Council on Aging of Buncombe County, in partnership with the National Council on Aging, has established a Benefits Enrollment Center for seniors living in Buncombe County.

The purpose of the Center is to find and enroll low-income Medicare beneficiaries into the public benefits for which they are eligible, giving them access to medical care, prescription drugs, healthy food, home heating assistance, as well as other services. 

The Center will primarily focus on the five benefit plans listed below:

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How can I get help to see what benefit plans I qualify for?

How can I get help to enroll in these plans?

The Benefits Enrollment Center provides free screening and enrollment services.  A specialist will first conduct a personalized benefits screening for you, based on your specific situation and needs.  This will determine what benefit programs you are eligible to enroll in.  Then, the specialist will help you complete and submit the applications for these programs.

To make an appointment with an enrollment specialist, call the Council on Aging of Buncombe County at (828) 277-8288.  Walk-ins are also welcome at all of the Benefits Enrollment Center’s locations.


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Benefits Enrollment Center
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