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Active Aging Center

Currently, one in five individuals in Buncombe County are over the age of 65, by 2025 it will  be one in four. Buncombe County is one of the fastest growing older adult populations in the  state. North Carolina ranks as the 9th state in the nation that has the oldest population.  

A recent study has reported that social isolation may impact an older adult’s health the  same as smoking fourteen cigarettes a day. This statistic highlights the importance and  need for an Active Aging Center. The goal would be to serve all of Buncombe County  through this centralized location. Currently COA receives more than 16,000 calls a year  from clients seeking services and support.

The proposed Active Aging Center (AAC) would address Adult Day Health, Care  Management, the social determinants of health including food insecurity, transportation  issues, social isolation, and access to activities for health and wellness. The development of  this center would address many of the issues that older residents in Buncombe County face.  In many counties across the state and the country there is one central building for older  adults to seek assistance. Buncombe County has created a similar concept for individuals  experiencing abuse and sexual assault with the Family Justice Center. This idea of a “one stop shop” has a lot of support from the aging services providers in the county. This concept  has been discussed for years throughout Buncombe County yet there has not been an  agency that has taken the steps to lead the initiative.  

Age Friendly Buncombe

We are proud to be a part of the Age Friendly Buncombe network! We represent COAbc on many of the affiliated working groups, as part of our commitment to service, education & advocacy at the local level.

Buncombe County Aging Plan

The Aging Plan is an important piece of guidance for our community processes in serving older adults with important domains and related strategies for overall well-being. The current plan is structure on “Safe – Well – Engaged” principles.

Council on Aging of Buncombe County (COAbc) is committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion. For over 50 years, our organization has recognized the value of equity and anti-discrimination in the health and well-being of our community. Our mission to promote the independence, dignity and well-being of adults through service, education, and advocacy describes our investment in Buncombe County and the tremendous impact that we believe unbiased access to support has on the individuals and families we serve.

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